Special Conference Sessions: TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return)

All About Animals Rescue AAARHave you been wanting to learn more about TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) but haven’t found a class conveniently scheduled to your location or availability? Now is your chance.

Whether you’re registering for the full Getting to the Goal conference, or just want to stop in for a NO CHARGE  TNR session, you are invited to join us in Flint on Thursday 9/15/16 from 9:30 – noon. We are pleased to offer a class conducted by staff from All About Animals Rescue, who will teach and empower you to start TNRing the cats in your area with their 2.5 hour workshop. Once you have taken the class you are entitled to major spay/neuter discounts for all ferals: $25 each, which includes sterilization, mandatory ear tip, and a rabies vaccine (rabies vaccine for cats 12 weeks and older). This workshop teaches the best practices in management and trapping. Gain access to the benefits of AAAR’s TNR program, including the discounted feral cat spay/neuter, trap loans and networking. A $10 optional TNR handbook is available on site.

Meet the presenter:

Catherine Garrett

Catherine Garrett


Catherine Garrett is the Director of Development and Marketing at All About Animals Rescue.  An advocate for feral cats for over 16 years, she heads the Trap Neuter Return program at the organization. Her first hands-on experience with community cats was TNRing in Tokyo, where she learned how critical spay/neuter is to bettering the lives of our feral friends. Over 3,000 caretakers have come through the AAAR TNR training and nearly 20,000 community cats have been sterilized in the past 5 years, a good portion under Catherine’s leadership.

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