Community Cat/Dog Programs

Formerly called “Feral Cat TNR”  (Trap, Neuter, Return), this piece of the No Kill Equation is now called Community Cat/Dog Sterilization.

Despite being unsocial with humans, community cats (“feral cats”) who enter shelters are considered healthy. In order to achieve No Kill, a shelter or community must “zero out” deaths for these cats as well.

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return), SNR (Shelter, Neuter, Return) and RTF (Return to Field) are similar programs that communities can use to  to reduce the number of free-roaming cats and allow shelters to focus resources on dogs and cats that can be rehomed, thus reducing death rates.

The following groups offer information and resources:

All About Animals Rescue, Warren, offers TNR training, support, and affordable spay/neuter surgeries. View their website for dates for TNR workshops, trap rental, trap use videos, shelter building plans, and more.

Alley Cat Allies is a national non-profit offering resources, scientific studies, grants,  sample ordinances, implementation plans, etc. to help groups implement and maintain TNR programs.

– Carol’s Ferals, Grand Rapids, assists community cat caregivers with TNR and support services, adoption of friendly cats and kittens obtained through their TNR program, and advises caregivers how to find quality homes for cats they wish to help on their own.

– Community Cats of Owosso, in Shiawassee  County, is a group of volunteers and caregivers using transport to All About Animals to spay and neuter feral cats from the Owosso area.

– Community Cats Podcast offers resources, interviews with people who are succeeding in TNR, and a grant program here.

Eaton County Humane Society, Olivet, has a TNR program that includes free use of live traps, free spay or neuter, rabies and distemper vaccine, mandatory ear tipping, support during the trapping process by phone & email, and helpful literature and instructional videos.

Community Cats TNR, Mason County, is s a group of volunteers, caregivers, and veterinarians working in the City of Ludington and Mason County, MI to reduce and stabilize the number of free-roaming, abandoned, homeless, feral cats.

Feral Kitty Trappers, South Lyon. Help for  feral cat caretakers with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Kittens are trapped and taken to an accredited TNR facility. Cats receive a wellness check, spay/neuter, a rabies vaccine, and are also ear tipped. The cats are kept 24 to 48 hours, then returned and released back to their trapping location.

Friends 4 T.N.R. offers low cost spay/neuter for homeless and domestic cats in the West Branch area.

Lapeer’s Adoptable Animals is offering a TNR program for Lapeer County residents who are caring for feral felines, assisting with cat food and  spay/neuter.

Livingston County Animal Control offers TNR at $25/cat (1-2 cats) or $20/cat (3 or more cats). The cost includes: Spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, and ear tipping. You do not need to be a low income household to qualify for this service.

The Meow Mission is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, Trap/Neuter/Return group located in the greater South Bend, Indiana area. They also provide TNR training and assistance to counties in southwest Michigan.

Metro Detroit Feral Cat Meetup is a group of people who are managing feral cat colonies or interested in helping those who do, such as  fostering cats for a few days after they’ve been sterilized or helping someone care for a local colony. They  are NOT a rescue group and cannot pick up, relocate, place OR adopt out kittens or cats.

– Trap-Neuter-Return Community Facebook group for advocates to post  TNR related items, ask help with problems, discuss issues, share struggles and successes… we are TNR groups working for the common good of community cats!