September 18, 2018: Registration ends September 19 for Getting to the Goal conference 

September 7, 2018: Awards at Getting to the Goal conference

August 22, 2018: More Fear Free sessions at Getting to the Goal; Amazon Wishlist for DACC

August 15, 2018: More Best Friends sessions at Getting to the Goal

August 6, 2018: Early registration ends Tues! Fear Free sessions at Getting to the Goal

July 30, 2018: Still time to sponsor or exhibit at Getting to the Goal

July 18, 2018: DACC seeks new director; More Best Friends sessions at Getting to the Goal 

July 12, 2018: Temperament Testing; Behavior Assessment; Conversational Adoptions; Best Practices for Rescues; MPFA Assistance for Shelters

June 29, 2018: Diversion sessions at conference; Tuscola and Berrien County shelter employment opportunities

June 22, 2018: TNR at Conference; New Certified Rescues announced: St. Clair director search

June 14, 2018: Conference sessions: staff stress, dog behavior, breed labels, recruiting fosters; Dog bite prevention & GCAC videos 

May 31, 2018: Cat Specialists Presenting at MI No Kill Conference

May 24, 2018: Best Friends sessions at Getting to the Goal; SECC renewals

May 17, 2018: Conference News; Action Needed on MI “Petland Bills”; Unsung Heroes

May 4, 2018: MICHIGAN RESIDENTS: Your voice is needed TODAY!

May 2, 2018: Conference Registration Now Open: 2018 Getting to the Goal

April 30, 2018: You can help spread the message of No Kill in Michigan

Apr 10,2018: Sponsors and Exhibitors: It’s time to register for Getting to the Goal Conference

Mar 29, 2018: Getting to the Goal Conference: Save the Date!

Mar 13, 2018: Certified Rescue Renewals; Bay County; Job Postings; Facebook; Amazon

Feb 7, 2018: Cat Assessment Workshop; 2017 MI tax news; Customer loyalty programs

Jan 19, 2018: Dog Bite Awareness; BSL legislation; Kitten Survival Workshop

Dec 27, 2017: Save a vulnerable life

Dec 21, 2017: Conference topics survey; Canine vaccination guidelines

Dec 12, 2017: Outside the Box Award Winners Announced

Nov 22, 2017: Help senior pets in Nov; More visits to award-winning shelters

Nov 10, 2017: Visits to award-winning shelters; MI Animal Welfare Fund grant applications due

Oct 19, 2017: Shelter award winners announced; Welcome MPFA advisors!

Oct 12, 2017: New Award program & board members announced; Shelter pets may become official pet of MI

Sept 25, 2017: Community Cats

Aug 1, 2017: FREE Shelter Behavior Seminar registration open; New shelter manager at UPAWS

June 28, 2017: Free Shelter Behavior Seminar: Free TNR Workshop; Eaton County HS News

June 8, 2017: 2016 Shelter Reports; Phenols & Cats; Pet Retention

May 18, 2017: Dog Playgroups; Humane Lobby Day; Just One Day

May 10, 2017: MACS Collaboration; Certified Rescues Renewed; Mother’s Day Options

Apr 20, 2017: Shelter Behavioral Medication; Rescue Bank; Silver Muzzle

Apr 5, 2017: Workshops, Grants, Washer & Dryer

Mar 2, 2017: March News from MPFA

Feb 15, 2017USDA Removal of Animal Welfare Records; Thanking Community Supporters

Jan 31, 2017: Conferences & Tax Check-off for MI Animal Welfare Fund

Jan 10, 2017: Volunteer Opportunities

Dec 27, 2016: Time running out for 2016 tax deduction

Dec 13, 2016: Help MPFA with your holiday shopping

Nov 29, 2016: Help make MI a No Kill state this Giving Tuesday!

Nov 21, 2016: We are thankful for the progress that’s been made

Oct 4, 2016: Community Cats Podcasts; Cat Equipment Liquidation; Book Recommendations

Sept 27, 2016: Getting to the Goal Highlights

Sept 6, 2016: Today is last day to register!

Sept 2, 2016: Award Winners Announced

August 30, 2016: Animals in the Field – Law Enforcement Training; DACC Wishlist

August 23, 2016: Best Practices for Rescues; Transparency & Numbers for Shelters

August 11, 2016: Stories of Change and No Kill Progress in Mi; ABC12 Newsmaker covers MPFA and Conference

August 4, 2016: Capital Area Humane Society receives shelter award; Shelter-related conference sessions 

July 27, 2016: 4 more days of Early Bird discounts; Complimentary TNR Workshop

July 22, 2016: Million Cat Challenge comes to MI; Fear Free Initiative

July 14, 2016: Conference News: Scholarship Program open; ACO-focused sessions

July 7, 2016: Breed Labels and FeLV Cats

July 1, 2016: Understanding canine behavior can improve adoption outcomes

June 24, 2016: Conference Keynote Speakers Announced

June 8, 2016: Exhibit at the 2016 Getting to the Goal Conference

May 26, 2016: Humane Society of Huron Valley receives shelter award

May 17, 2016: Conference Registration Open; Roscommon County Shelter Award

May 4, 2016: Monroe County AC Award, DACC donations, $1000 for your group

April 26, 2016: Volunteers, Humane Lobby Day, SAWA

March 30, 2016: $1,000 for Your Group; Professional Investigator Training; MI Tax-Check-off 

February 29, 2016: Conference dates announced, ways to help Detroit pets, & more!

February 18, 2016: Washer & Dryer Fundraising Goal met!

February 2, 2016: Call To Action on Gas Chamber Legislation

January 27, 2016: Shelter Award Winners Announced

January 11, 2016: Detroit Animal Control & Care News

December 30, 2015: Your end of the year support

December 18, 2015: Statement from Animal Welfare Reform and Advisory Committee for Detroit Animal Control

December 9, 2015: Save Rate Report and Ways to Support MPFA While You Shop

December 1, 2015: Save a Shelter Pet on Giving Tuesday

November 12, 2015: Oven Warming Party & Cat Transports

November 4, 2015: Helping Dogs and Cats in Detroit

October 22, 2015: Shelters Making Strides; New Certified Rescues Announced

September 22, 2015: MI SECC U522 Agency Fairs

September 18, 2015: Cats, New Director, and Shoes

September 8, 2015: MI Gas Chamber Update

August 12, 2015: Best Practices Presentation to Ingham County

July 28, 2015: Jackson Galaxy Connects to Michigan 

July 21, 2015: Changes in  Adoptions Policies: Are You On Board?

June 12, 2015: Certified Rescue organizations renewed for 2015-2016

May 21, 2015: Canine Influenza;  Counties in the News 

May 6, 2015Adoption Promotion Idea & Mother’s Day

April 23, 2015: Volunteers Recognized and Resources Shared

April 8, 2015: Pet Retention GAINing in Gratiot County 

April 1, 2015Easy MI tax check-off helps shelters 

Mar  20, 2015: Just One Day, No More Homeless Pets Network, Million Cat Challenge

Feb 27, 2015: Eye on Detroit: Dasher’s New Home

Feb 11, 2015: You can help promote spay/neuter in February

Jan 30, 2015: Early Bird Deadlines to Help Pets 

Jan 23, 2015: Great Feedback on Kroon Grant Program

Jan 15, 2015: Saving the Lives of One Million Cats



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