Board of Directors and Advisors

Deborah Schutt

Jaime Wolfe

Jeanne Towar

Chris Anderson

Jodie Ellison

Reva Laituri

Diana Newman

Iris Parlangeli

Michelle Spranger


Dr. Jeff Fortna, DVM, MS

Lisa Rabine, ABCDT, Trainer

Data Coordinator:
Lin Gardiner

Rescue Certification Coordinator:
Jaime Wolfe


Richard Angelo, Jr., Esq.
Legislative Attorney, Best Friends Animal Society

Gary Davison
Davison Associates

Beatrice M. Friedlander, J.D.
Attorneys for Animals

Cheryl Gault

Tawny Hammond
National Director of Leadership, Best Friends Animal Society

Tanya Hilgendorf
President and CEO, Humane Society of Huron Valley

Christie Keith

Ken Kempkens
Humane Society of Macomb Foundation

Charlie Langton
Fox 2 News and WWJ

Courtney Protz-Sanders
Executive Director, Paws for Life Rescue; Board Trustee, Mi-PACA 

Amber Sitko
President and Founder, All About Animals Rescue 

Pam Sordyl
Founder, Puppy Mill Awarenesss of Southeast Michigan; Founder, Michigan Friends of Companion Animals

Joseph Sowerby
Founder, Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo and Pet-a-Palooza

Rich Strenger
Rich Strenger Attorney at Law