2011 No Kill Conference


Myths and Misunderstandings

2011 No Kill Conference Attendees

Animal Welfare Initiative – Puppymills  – Jill Fritz (HSUS Stop Puppy Mills Campaign)  View Video

Animal Welfare Initiative – Puppymills – Pam Sordyl (Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup)  View  Video

Awards shelters 1

Awards shelters 2

Awards individuals

Closing Session

Gassing & Pound Seizure   View  Video 

Lunch Keynote Can We “Save Them All?”  Susanne Kogut  View Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

Opening Session    View  Video – Deborah Schutt     View  Video – Tanya Hilgendorf

PitBull Dilemma Breed Specific Legislation View Video 1  Video 2

Reducing Surrenders Part I – Jeff Randazzo (Dangerous Dog Ordinance)  View Video

Reducing Surrenders  Part II – Dayna Kennedy  View Video

Saving Free Roaming Cats  View Video 1  Video 2

Shelter Health  View  Video 1  Video 2  Video 3

Shelters – Rescues – Fosters Working Together Rescue Application Rescue Contract   View  Video 1  Video 2

Spay/Neuter    View  Video 1 Video 2

Turbo Charging Adoptions  View  Video 1  Video 2

Using Social Media    View  Video 1 Video 2

In the interest of transparency and sharing how conference participants felt about the conference, we are posting the full conference evaluation.  There were 220 individuals registered for the conference. Approximately 5 individuals that were registered did not show up. 104 individuals – from distinct e-mail addresses –  filled out the evaluation form (approximately 48% of those in attendance).