Training for Organization

Adoption Events – Adoption events can be very successful in finding new homes for your shelter’s animals.  However, success often depends on the details.  Learn how to organize successful adoption events from small to large.  Session covers supplies needed, safety concerns, location considerations, and requirements for both small and large scale events.

Session length:  1 hour with key staff and/or volunteers

Session requirements:  Meeting room

Organizing A Transfer Partner Program – There are several benefits to collaborating with other shelters in partnership with a transfer program.  While some shelters in the state are still bursting at the seams with dogs and cats, others have space and welcome having more animals to better match the needs and lifestyles of potential adopters.  Every shelter has experienced the overlooked cat or dog which has stayed too long at the shelter and whose adoption potential could benefit from a new pool of potential adopters, and every shelter has a different ability to provide care.  Maybe you have a dog that needs a playgroup to thrive and you don’t have a play group program.  If your shelter would benefit from a transfer partner program, this training will help you establish or grow such a program.  Two programs are offered.  One will provide you with all the information you need to get started and the second includes everything from the first along with addition help to get you off to a running start.

Session length:  1 hour How to build a transfer partner program

  • This session includes how a transfer program works, expectations for each shelter, required minimum standards, model MDARD approved documents, types/characteristics of animals conducive for transfer, trading animals between shelters, and a list of shelters/rescues involved in transfer partner programs.

Session length:  3 hours – Getting a solid transfer partner program off the ground

  • All of the above PLUS hands-on help to identify both potential shelter/rescue transfer partners; tailoring model documents to the individual shelter; and introductions to shelter staff/volunteers of several potential transfer partners.

Session Requirements:  Meeting room

Organizing/Expanding A Volunteer Program – Good volunteers are essential to every animal shelter.  To attract and retain volunteers, you need a solid volunteer program.  Whether you have a volunteer program already in place or not, this session will help to start, build and strengthen a successful program.  If your volunteer program is established, we can review the program, identify issues and find solutions.  If you don’t have a volunteer program in place, this session will give you a head start in getting one off the ground.

Benefits to a successful volunteer program:

  • Free help!
  • Retain volunteers
  • Community involvement
  • Additional outreach to adopters or referrals

Session Includes:

  • Generic volunteer handbook
  • Generic volunteer application
  • Introduction to several different volunteer organizing software programs
  • Managing volunteers

Session length:  Time varies depending on status of current program

Session requirements:  Meeting room, key staff or volunteer coordinator