Shelter Assessments

Shelter Assessment – Most of Michigan’s shelters were designed with the dated catch-and-kill philosophy where shelter stays for most animals were rarely longer than stray hold.  Although the philosophy is no longer embraced, the physical structure alone can often make live-saving measures overly challenging.  Shelters can benefit from a review of their current conditions and practices by a shelter medicine professional looking instruct and guide toward best practices, keep the shelter population physically and mentally healthy, while understanding limited budgets and resources.  Time is spent on-site touring and listening with management, staff and volunteers.  Review is provided of policies and Standard Operating Procedures, and a written report is provided which can be used as a blueprint for improvements.

Fee:  $1,500 – $2,000

New Building/Building Addition Review A new shelter or addition to the existing shelter is the dream of many shelter managers, staff, volunteers and community members.  Any such undertaking is expensive and will eventually be the physical structure for decades to come.  Hiring architects who are knowledgeable in shelter design is important.  Equally important is having an expert in shelter medicine review the plans to insure the new design is ideal for maintaining proper animal health and welfare, facilitating appropriate animal flow and optimizing daily operations.  You can’t afford not to have this review done if you are spending large amounts of donations or taxes on a new or expanded facility.

Fee:  Varies depending on status of the project