Shelter Training and Assessment Program

Do your shelter staff and volunteers recognize stress-induced behaviors?

Do they have a clear understanding of how to combat them?

Do they know what is causing the stress?

Do they know the psychological and physical – sometimes permanent – damage that stress can cause in an animal?

If you answered No to any of these questions … help is on the way!

Finally, a training program that comes TO YOU.

The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance Shelter Training Program teaches your management, staff and volunteers how to address the psychological needs and welfare of the animals in your care, while considering your physical opportunities and limitations. Instruction is both classroom and hands on.

We also offer an opportunity to have a Maddie’s Shelter Medicine professional provide a review and written assessment of your physical environment and current practices, providing a blueprint to help guide critical physical and operational improvements.

The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance Shelter Training and Assessment Program offers:

  • 8 dog-related training sessions designed specifically for the shelter environment which are on-site and hands-on with a certified dog trainer,
  • 3 organizational training sessions which are on-site and hands-on with a seasoned shelter leader, and
  • shelter assessments for current facilities or additions/new buildings by a Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Certified Veterinarian

Shelters interested in scheduling training sessions or an assessment can Apply Here.

Grant support allows MPFA to offer the on-site training at extremely reduced rates*:

½ Day 1 Full Day 2 Full Consecutive Days 3 Full Consecutive Days
$325 $400 $600 $750

*Charges are based upon 10 or fewer participants.  More than 10 participants may result in additional charges. Some sessions require the purchase of tool kits and are noted in the session descriptions.

A typical 1-full day of training might include the following:  Canine Body Language; Multisensory Enrichment and Force Free Training.

Increase the professional status of your staff.

Individuals who successfully test and complete the four sessions of Canine Body Language, Force Free Training, Safe and Humane Handling and Stress Reduction will receive a certificate of achievement certifying them as Humane Shelter Canine Handler.

Through a partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, expert assistance is also available for review of local laws and regulations, along with Animal Control field operations.