Shelter Reform/Resources

Many Michigan shelters are performing very well in saving the lives of animals in their care and in their community. Others need some help.

No Kill Advocacy Center has extensive resources for shelter reform:

Although the Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters was published over a half a dozen years ago, there are many shelter managers that are still unaware of them. This comprehensive set of recommendations created by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians is the go-to source for minimum standards. Every shelter should have a printed copy and ideally it should be shared with board members or elected officials responsible for shelter operations. has developed a Shelter Care Checklists: Putting ASV Guidelines Into Action. This checklist can be easily used to see how your shelter meets the standards of care and can help focus where a shelter may need to make improvements.

Webinar Series: ASV Shelter Guidelines  The ASPCA and ASV produced a comprehensive series of hour-long webinars, each spotlighting a section of the ASV guidelines. Each webinar was presented by one of the authors of the guidelines and all sessions were recorded.

There are many resources available to learn and keep current in best practices for sheltering. We strongly encourage all individuals responsible for shelter management in Michigan to sign up to receive articles, webinars, and news, and to use their on-line libraries:

Asilomar Accords:


Best Friends:

HSUS Animal Sheltering – rescue, reunite, rehome, rethink:

Maddie’s Fund:

Shelter staff may also want to join the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators: