Several speakers have provided their presentations and/or handouts from the 2018 Getting to the Goal conference held in Kalamazoo. 

The Care and Feeding of Staff and Volunteers  Dr. Linda Harper 

Cats Scratch: Here’s How to Keep Them in Their Homes Anyway  Theresa DePorter, DVM, MRCVS, DECAWBM, DACVB Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, Behavioral Medicine 

Decoding Data: Using Your Stats to Save Lives  Nikki Kelley, Best Friends Animal Society

Developing Plans and Addressing Issues – MPFA Assistance  Deborah Schutt and Lisa Rabine, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance 

Diversion Programs: Innovative Approaches that Keep Animals Out of Shelters  Jen Clarkson, Dog Aide and Kelly McLaughlin, Bark Nation

Empathy for the Fearful, Worried, or Anxious Dog   Theresa Porter, DVM, MRCVS, DECAWBM, DACVB, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, Behavioral Medicine

Feral Kittens: More Than KMR   Tabitha Kucera, Fear Free Certified 

How Does Your Rescue Measure Up? Best Practices for Home-based Rescue Organizations Courtney Protz-Sanders, Paws for Life Rescue

How to Conduct Conversational Adoptions (Role Play Session)  Katie Timber, SPCA of Southwest Michigan; Tanya Hilgendorf, Humane Society of Huron Valley  

How to Powerfully and Effectively Leverage Volunteers  Pat Guerrero and José Ocaño, Best Friends Animal Society

How to Reach Your Target Audience: Digital Fundraising, Email Marketing, Digital Strategy  Amy Starnes, Best Friends Animal Society 

How We Improved –  Panel Discussion of Award Winners  Moderated by Deborah Schutt, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance

Opening Session  Deborah Schutt, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance

Outpatient Heartworm Presentation  2017 MPFA Outside the Box Award Winner  Tania Jaczkowski, Humane Society of West Michigan

Thinking Outside the Cage: Shelter Enrichment for Cats  Tabitha Kucera, Fear Free Certified

Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) Training Dr. Diana Newman, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance