Cat Declawing Information

Michigan Pet Fund Alliance is opposed to the declawing of cats. It literally maims them and can lead to physical, emotional, and behavioral complications. Declawing a cat is NOT a trivial procedure similar to trimming fingernails. Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, and a cat’s claws are a vital part of her anatomy, essential to balance, mobility, and survival.


ASPCA Policy and Position Statement on Declawing Cats

Best Friends  Cat Declawing: The Price of Convenience contains explanations of why cats scratch, reasons not to declaw, how to trim cats’ claws, how to get them to use a scratching post. offers helpful advise on scratching issues and declawing facts

Countries where declawing is illegal

Dr. Marty Becker writes on post-declaw pain syndrome

Healthy Pets presents Declawing: Why You Should Never Subject Your Cat to This Torturous Procedure including a video by Dr. Karen Becker 

Humane Society of the UnitedStates Declawing cats: Far worse than a manicure

Medical, emotional, and behavioral issues resulting from declawing’s FAQs about feline declawing 

Video: How to trim your cats’ nails 

Video: Jackson Galaxy: How to Stop Your Cats From Scratching Furniture