Save Rate Reports & Awards

Each year Michigan Pet Fund Alliance uses a variety of available data sources to determine if progress is being made toward becoming a no kill state. 

The most important data set available is from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD): the annual shelter reports submitted by licensed shelters.

Licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development:

185 Total Licensed Shelters(Open & Limited Admission, Rescue, Blood Services, Rabbit, Ferret, Sanctuary, Animal Hospitals) 

In 2015, 161 shelters filed reports which were included on MPFA’s 2015 Michigan Shelters by Save and Live Release Rate report which can be viewed here.

A sortable version of the 2015 report is available here

MI Shelters 9-year history chart

9-Year MI Shelter History
2015 MI Live Release Rate by County