Grants for Michigan Certified Rescues

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Judith Middleton Kroon and Fraulein

Judith Middleton Kroon loved animals: all types of animals, from those in the wild to those in your home. So it was not a surprise to her family, upon the premature passing of Judith in 2012, that she had asked them to distribute the majority of her estate to help the animals she loved.  Several dozen animal welfare organizations benefitted from Judith’s estate, and the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance was one. 

In honor of Judith, MPFA has established the Judith Middleton Kroon Life Saving Program Fund seeded by her gift.  

The program, modeled after one sponsored by Maddie’s Fund in California, will provide grants to Michigan Certified Rescue organizations to help save the lives of  animals at risk in  animal control shelters.

Grants are available for dogs or cats pulled from licensed MI shelters that have public adoption programs and do not engage in breed discrimination.

Effective May 3, 2018:

Maximum total grants per month per Certified Rescue  = 5

1 grant per litter

1 grant for mother of litter

If individual kittens/puppies in a litter have medical needs, they are eligible for individual medical grants, but those would count toward the 5 per month.

Date of animal pull does not have to be the same month you are applying.

Grants of $100 are available for:

  • Sick or injured animal with veterinary expenses less than $500 OR
  • Age of Animal is 7 years or older at intake OR
  • Behavior that makes the animal difficult to adopt without behavior modification OR
  • Animal designated as “Rescue Only” by the surrendering shelter for age, behavioral, or medical issue and not because the shelter is engaging in breed discrimination   

Grants of $200 are available for:

  • Sick or injured animal with veterinary expenses exceeding $500

“In large part the Rescue Certification program was established to encourage rescue organizations to work with Michigan shelters to assist in meeting the goal of making Michigan a no kill state,” commented Ellen Stuban, coordinator of the Rescue Certification program.  “We expect that this grant program will help save the lives of shelter animals that are often overlooked because they are older or have an issue.”

Grants will be awarded on a monthly basis, with each month starting a new grant period. A link to information on becoming a Certified Rescue is here.

Anyone interested in making a tax deductible contribution to the fund can do so at Select the the Judith Middleton Kroon Life Saving Program.

Click here to see pets saved by Judith Middleton Kroon grants. 

Click here to access the Michigan Certified Rescue grant application