MPFA Newsletter and Other Announcements

December 9, 2014  Ways to help MPFA this season

December 4, 2014  Gas Chamber Bill Needs Calls; Support a Certified Rescue

November 26, 2014  Research Your Charitable Donations

November 20, 2014 Pets as Gifts; Earn Donations While Walking Your Dog

November 13, 2014  Election News from Genesee County; Kroon Grants Doubled for Senior Pets

November 5, 2014  Kroon Grants & Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month

September 2014 Conference Materials and Photos Available

September 2014 Media Coverage from 2014 ConferenceSeptember 2014 Award Winners Announced

September 2014 How to get money for vet expenses for your organization’s pets

September 2014 Session Schedule; Conference Registration deadline Aug 26

August 2014 Can you help other animal advocates attend?

July 2014 Nuts and bolts of sheltering at Michigan No-Kill conference 

July 2014 Shelter directors on achieving no-kill success in Michigan 

July 2014 Helping People Means Helping Their Pets

July 2014 Legislating Change for Michigan Animals

July 2014 Scholarship Applications for Conference announced 

June 2014 Q&A with Michigan State Veterinarian James Averill, DVM, PhD

June 2014 Newsletter 

June 2014 Tickets for Premiere of REDEMPTION 

April 2014 Conference Exhibitor Letter  

April 2014 Newsletter

Conference Registration is Open Announcement

February 2014 Newsletter  

January 2014 Newsletter  

December 2013  Amended 2012 Save Rate Report

December 2013   Guidestar, Save Rate Report, Certified Rescues, Kroon Life Saving Grant     

November 2013   Select Reputable Organizations for Holiday Giving  

October 2013 Newsletter  

October 2013 Awards to Top Michigan Shelters 

September 2013 Newsletter  

September 2013  6 Years of No Improvement Reuniting Lost Pets with Owners

July 2013 Newsletter 

July 2013 Workshop Registration Open! ht

June 2013 Return to Owner Survey for Michigan Shelters h

June 2013 Don’t Miss Webcast on Sheltering Cats! h

May 2013 Newsletter  

April 2013 Newsletter

March 2013 Newsletter 

February 2013 Newsletter 

January 2013 Newsletter h

December 2012 Season’s Greetings

November 2012 Newsletter

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