Getting to the Goal of achieving a no kill state for Michigan requires reform and change at over 100 Michigan shelters.  Each year we witness citizen advocates not willing to accept the status quo and want accountability of their tax dollars and charitable contributions.  The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance  stands ready to provide technical assistance to organized citizen groups.  There are tools also available to help.  A good place to start is this Political Advocacy at the Local Level guide.

Advocacy groups in Michigan include:

GRACE (Genesee Residents for Animal Control Evolution) focuses on advocacy in Genesee County.

Make Michigan Next  Ending breed discrimination is an important step forward for Michigan pet owners and their pets. Make Michigan Next (MMN) is a campaign to end breed specific legislation (BSL) in Michigan. Backed by a coalition of animal welfare organizations, MMN will collaborate with lawmakers to draft legislation to protect the rights of pet owners and prohibit cities, townships, and counties from establishing breed discrimination laws. Municipalities with breed discrimination laws currently in effect will be required to replace them with responsible pet ownership laws.

Michiganders for Shelter Pets is a coalition of concerned Michiganders who want to help shelters and the animals in their care. Their mission is to positively impact the lives of homeless pets and to work collaboratively with Michigan shelters. For 2013/2014,  primary goals include assisting with efforts to ban gas chamber euthanasia and pound seizure in Michigan shelters.

Mi-PACA (Michigan’s Political Action Committee for Animals) focuses on creating a dynamic, growing voting bloc of animal welfare advocates to elect representatives who support animal protection and shelter reform.

Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan is a grassroots organization dedicated to ending commercial breeding “puppy mills” and protecting families from puppy peddlers, pet stores and bad breeders by lobbying for stronger laws, setting up information booths, completing research studies and launching pet store campaigns.